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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

constructing changes

Hi Folks,

as you see, a lot is happening to make the machinimag site easier to use and better looking. Please regard this post as a beginning of an easier, more beautiful and more user friendly way to get your machinimag issues.
While there's only a couple of days left until the next release, machinimag03, I'd like to give you a short glance at the monster issue coming your way.

Articles headlines include:

_animation forms for machinima
_layering in machinima
_i am a digital agent
_tools for you: the scriptcomposer for unrealEd
_machinima and interactivity-the next logical step?

and more.

So hold tight, i won't be long until it's there.

And other things change as well.
You might know that each machinimag is to be published in its unique design. The third issue however will be the last one to be published in Flash and pdf. All issues from 3 onward are pdf only and are designed by different persons each, to give you more variety in shape and useability.

Hope to keep you interested, yours,

Friedrich Kirschner


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