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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Ars Electronica Festival 04

Currently going on in Linz, Austria. Until Tuesday, you can see a selection of new media art and technology in the hands of artists. Among this years price winners is a piece from Feng-Mengbo who is modding the Quake3 engine to be playable with a dancepad.
On Tuesday, there's performances of METRAFORM, MODUL05 and Feng Mengbo at the Gamenight event. The performances include Visuals made by above mentioned artists using game engines.
Next machinimag wil include an article on the event as well as a production overview of how the teasers that link the different perfomances have been developed using unreal tournament 2004.


At 4:54 PM, em05 said...


please contact me if you need further information about our project "statistics in computergames" for your article. unfortunately the project was not clearly introduced at the festival. in the end some people were confused what's it all about.





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