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Monday, May 23, 2005

machinima is youth culture
The renowned "Center for Art and Media" - ZKM in Karlsruhe is showcasing a couple of machinima movies as part of their exhibition "Coolhunters".

"The exhibition seeks to recognize young people in the mirror of their objects and practices. Works from numerous artists, which document and reflect everyday life, are presented besides examples of youth culture phenomena, such as clothing, accessories, and the like."

For more Info visit the ZKM page or the direct Link to the exhibition site.

The following movies are screened:

ILL Clan:
Apartment Huntin', 1996
5:46 Min., Quake

Rodrigo Olmos and Axel Schmidt:
Die Waltons, 2001
1:47 Min., Unreal Tournament

Mike Berry:
Smart Gun, 2002
1 Min., Quake II

Dead on Que:
Fake Science, 2002
5:40 Min., Half-Life

ILL Clan:
Ill Campaign - Episode 2, 2004
4:39 Min., Quake II

Rodrigo Olmos, Axel Schmidt:
Peacemaker, 2004
4:06 Min., Unreal Tournament 2003

Atlas Production/ April Hofmann:
Let's get it started, 2005
3:25 Min., The Sims 2

Friedrich Kirschner:
person2184, 2005
3:00 Min., Unreal Tournament 2004


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous said...

Does April Hoffmann know about this, that her Sims2 music video was screened?

i.e do they notify people when they screen them?

At 9:57 PM, magFiezi said...

I think they do.
At least, they asked me and a couple of other people.


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