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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Machinima Book out!

Matt Kelland writes:

The long-awaited machinima book has finally come out! (Actually, it seems to have come out a short while ago, but the publishers neglected to tell me!)

Many thanks, once again, to everyone who contributed pictures, quotes, and suggestions. I'm aware that I've promised a few free copies to some contributors - as soon as the publishers send them to me, I'll ship 'em on out. For those who can't wait, here are the details.

UK readers:
ISBN: 1904705642
Publisher: Ilex
RRP: £17.95 (Amazon price £12.56 or less)

US readers:
ISBN: 1592006507
Publisher: Muska & Lipman
RRP: $29.99 (Amazon price $19.79)
(Buy Paul Marino's book as a bundle with it for $46.18!)

Thanks Matt! I already ordered mine. Expect a review in the next machinimag Issue...


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