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Saturday, November 12, 2005

And the Mackie goes to...

The awards ceremony just finished. Here are the results of the 2005 machinima filmfestival:

Best Machinima Series:
This Spartan Life - Chris Burke

Best off the shelf machinima
The Return - Terran Gregory & Ezra Ferguson

Best Independent Machinima
Red vs. Blue - Rooster Teeth

Best Commercial/Game Machinima
Game: On - Ethan Vogt

Best Editing
Strangerhood Studios - Rooster Teeth

Best Sound
Only the Strong Survive - Riot Films

Best Visual Design
person2184 - Friedrich Kirschner

Best Technical Achievement
person2184 - Friedrich Kirschner

Academy Honorary Award
David "crt" Wright - for developing KeyGrip for Quake

Best Writing
P.A.N.I.C.S. - Rooster Teeth

Best Virtual Performance
A few Good g-men - Randall Glass

Best Direction
Whiplash: The Movie - Jake Hughes

Best Picture
Game On - Ethan Vogt

So there you have it! Congratulations on all of the winners. And please be reminded that all of the nominees are awesome movies that you have to check out. For a complete list of nominees and the official academy announcement, go visit the festival page.
Thanks go out to Paul Marino and Frank Dellario and lotsa of other people for putting this festival together.
It was a fun event, most of the filmmakers were present and took home their trophys.
Pictures, interviews, videos and everything else to follow shortly.


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