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Friday, November 11, 2005

DC Independent Film Festival deadline closing in!

Daniel Bliton writes:
DCIFF is a yearly event where industry professional and the general public can see the latest independent films, whether feature, short, animation, or documentary, from the U.S. and abroad.
This year the DCIFF is accepting Machinima entries in the animation category. MachinimaDudes ( are working to get as many quality films in front of the evaluation board as possible. Because an animation and a short film will be used as leadoffs for each feature film, we are looking to submit over 25 animations (3 to 5 minutes) and shorts (under 15 minutes) to the evaluation board. will review your film for possible inclusion to the 2006 DC Independent Film Festival & Seminars ( We will submit the best 25+ films to the film festival at no cost to you - that's a savings of $15 per film.
There are two ways to submit your film
1. Free through
2. Directly to DCIFF via their website (
Visit MachinimaDudes Link for more information and the Entry Form. Deadline is Nov 14, 2005.


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