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Thursday, January 26, 2006

DC Independent Filmfest machinima films

Daniel Bliton writes:

The entries selected for inclusion in the 2006 DC Independent Film Festival & Seminars have been announced!
We would like to thank all those who submitted their films for consideration.
We were pleasantly surprised at the number and variety of films submitted to us for consideration.

See for the Machinima selections.

This year DCIFF received a record amount of submissions, over 1300 films! The teams of evaluators looked at all films in real time and scored the films on 10 categories at a scale of 1 to 10.
Any Machinima film selected was judged against all other entries in that category, either Shorts or Animations.
The DCIFF staff had never heard of Machinima when we first approached them, but they were highly impressed with the Machinima submissions that they reviewed.
Once more, MachinimaDudes thanks everyone who submitted entries to us. We encourage those directors whose films were not selected to try again for the 2007 film festival.


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