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Saturday, January 07, 2006

VirtualStage Version 3

Nikki Marsh writes:

VirtualStage Version 3 is available NOW!

Dakine Wave is delighted to announce the release of Version 3 of VirtualStage.
VirtualStage is a toolkit aimed at the machinima filmmaker. It provides all of the tools necessary to create 3D animated movies in an easy-to-use package. You design and build your own sets, position and control the cameras, and configure the lighting. The virtual actors perform each scene by following your directions. You can define their actions and gestures using a keyframe animation tool that does not require any previous animation experience. The actors' speech is generated by voice synthesis engines or, if you prefer, you can make and use recordings of real voices. Lip synchronisation is automatic with the synthesized voices.

You can even add new actions, gestures, dialogue and sound effects during replays of the scene. There is also a powerful Timeline Editor that lets you change the timing and ordering of events within a scene. VirtualStage will allow you to import your own character and prop models. Finally, the software will automatically generate a screenplay based on your input.

To coincide with the new release and due to popular demand, Dakine Wave has also released a FREE Lite Version of VirtualStage. The Lite Version includes two high resolution characters and, although it does not include the props and synthesized voices that you get with the Full Version, it will work with any compatible voices that you already have on your computer.
The Lite Version will let you see the potential of VirtualStage for creating your films and dramas so why not add it to your machinima toolbox today?

You can download a free copy of VirtualStage Lite and get more info from:

Dakine Wave is also looking for investment and reseller partners.
Please contact NikkiMarsh[at] (UK, Europe & Australasia)
or LynneMcMinn[at] (USA & Canada) for more information.


At 8:38 AM, Carsten said...


First of all, thanks Friedrich for your great site and your great machinimag journal!

VirtualStage seems great but the following line form the license agreement is quite a bummer:
"Specifically, the Product includes speech synthesis software from IBM and AT&T. You are allowed to capture audio generated by these voice engines FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you want to distribute the captured audio, post it on a website, use it over the telephone, transmit it as radio or television, or use it for any commercial purposes, you need to purchase an additional license to do so."

Anyone knows how much such a license costs?



At 2:59 AM, fiezi said...

I talked to Nikki Marsh from Virtualstage and Machinimag will review the full version of the software soon.
I'll keep in mind to adress all the legal/non-legal issues that arise with stuff like that.
Though, you might not want to use synthesized voice for your movies, do you?


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