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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Interview with Christopher Livingston from the "Concerned" HL2 webcomic

Machinima gets mentioned in an interview with the creator of the famous HalfLife2 webcomic "Concerned - the Half-Life and Death of Gordon Fohman" over at

PT: "Concerned" is a very obvious example of a quickly growing community phenomenon known as machinima. Why do you think this growing interest in original user-created content is significant?

CL: Well, I think the interest comes from the fact that a single person can accomplish things all by themselves now that they couldn't a few years ago. If I'd wanted to a comic a while ago I'd have had to draw it, or have someone draw it for me. Now, it's like I've got these tools I can use. The art has already been created, and I can just put it together.

When I was a kid and wanted to make a movie, I'd have to get all my friends together, get them to agree to what I wanted to do, borrow a camera from someone, maybe use the editing bay at my high school... it took a lot of coordination between all the different elements I'd need just to get something done, and a lot of relying on other people. With machinima, if someone wants to make a movie, they've got digital actors. They can download editing software. They can make their own soundtrack, record their own dialogue. You can make a movie, by yourself, on your computer, using tools that are often free to download. And that's amazing.

It seems like machinima more and more becomes a synonym for emergent gameplay.
Link to the Interview.


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