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Friday, March 03, 2006

One week fmx/06 deadline warning

This is a quick heads up that the deadline for the fmx/06 is approaching fast.
The fmx/06 accepts submissions for the realtime filmfest until 10.03.06.
Submissions can be entered in one of the following categories:

Cut Scenes
Films and sequences which are part of computer or console games based on realtime technology like intros, trailers etc.

Films in the SWF format, using realtime features of Macromedia Flash (eg. Actionscript,tweenings)

Movies shot in real time with game engines

Small EXE programs that make the computer generate 3D animations in realtime

VJ Visuals
Realtime shows by VJs mixing visuals live to the music (please send in a showreel that documents your live performance)


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