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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Small GDC wrapup

GDC is over and we're all back and safe (...).
Here are some quick impressions on what (and who) was going on and how that might possibly affect machinima. Expect a more thorough look at the conference in the next issue of machinimag.

Just like last year, the academy of machinima Arts and Sciences was showing some machinima at this year's game developers conference as part of the nvidia booth. In addition to screening a reel of last year's festival winners, Paul and I gave a talk on Machnima and showed some of the work I did on the Machinima toolset for the Unreal engine.

Epic was showing off their Unreal Engine 3 on devkits at the Sony booth. The Editor has a network editing mode (i'm sure it has some funky name, but i didn't ask for it) that allows you to edit the level while someone is playtesting it. Neat.

The Project Offset people had a slot at the Nvidia booth right next to the Academy and had a self-running realtime demo of their engine running. The image is an actual image taken from the 30" DELL Monitor that was used to display the demo. It ran on some DELL XPS with double Nvidia 7900 cards, just in case you was wondering what kind of vibes you was getting from them...

As some of you might already know the mission of the academy was to start a dialogue with the game developers to discuss licensing and copyright topics. Some of the things are still in a stage of negotiation.
Topics included Epic's Unreal Runtime license for machinima and Valve's Source engine. As soon as we have more definite news, we'll let you know.
Just so you know, if you have licensing questions, it is always a good thing to check back with the Academy and maybe we can help until there's more concrete Licensing possibilities. Patience helps.

Oh, and say hello to this year's academy boothbabes Paul Marino and Frank Dellario.


At 8:38 AM, Booklad said...

Sorry I'm a little late to your post, Fr. I've been moving our bookstore for the last two weeks. Back-breaking work, but we're all pleased it's going so well. GDC must have been wondeful. Thanks for representing us all there. I hope to go myself next year.

BTW, my "booklad" moniker is the title of my blog on books (sorry if I've already told you this, my brain is fried)

Ricky Grove


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