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Friday, March 03, 2006

XFire World of Warcraft contest winners announced

Even though it's obviously not the biggest Machinima contest ever organized (depending on the way you look at it, maybe it is), here's the list of winner from the XFire and Blizzard sponsored World of Warcraft Machinima contest.
Snipped from

Best Comedy Category:

* 1st Place: Illegal Danish Super Snacks
* 2nd Place: Atkins - Switcher 2
* 3rd Place: The Brothers Tauren

Best Dance Category:

* 1st Place: Billy Maclure
* 2nd Place: Illegal Danish Super Snacks
* 3rd Place: Purple

Best Drama Category:

* 1st Place: Served Cold
* 2nd Place VC
* 3rd Place: Aria Part IV: Retribution

Head over to for a complete list of winners.


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