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Friday, May 12, 2006

e3 part Two

Some more impression and some more machinimaesque information from the E3 showfloor.
I had the chance to briefly speak to the lead artist for Crysis (pictures in the previous posting and on the game's website) and to my surprise he was welll aware of the term machinima. He couldn't tell me whether or not the tools for the game will be released anytime soon, but he told me that they're going for a timeline based system where you can keyframe objects and properties, similar to after effects.
"You can do everything!". Is it like Sandbox? "Better!".

Second, i had the cahnce to take a look at the new Neverwinter Nights 2 character and Level editors.

The editor had a huge list of objects that you could place.
Compared to some other next-generation stuff that's being shown, the visuals weren't necessarily mind-blowing but i'm sure the depth of the gameplay and ease of modification will help to make this game worth the wait.

Following up on the "cohesion" topic of yesterday, one of the more impressive things i've seen here is a self-running slow motion demo of the next Tony Hawk's skateboarding game. Not necessarily graphics-wise, but the fluidity of movement, the collision model and physics were just plain awesome.
There wasn't much to be seen except for a couple of skateboard tricks and boarders trying to shift their weight. But stil...


At 11:46 PM, Mu Nansen said...

where's the GDC pics? Thought we were supposed to get those.

At 12:32 AM, fiezi said...

they come with the next magazine issue. It's just a lot of work to get all things sorted so they make sense, and unfortunately this is not the only project that needs my attention, but they'll come, i promise!


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