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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Amsterdam Film Experience

Nina Koell writes:

New media, multi-media, video art, experimental film, video-gaming ...
the boundaries between film, video, and other audio-visual mediums
have become more and more blurred in the past few years. New labels
have been applied in order to try and classify what is essentially
multi-disciplinary. What many of these ingenious outputs have in
common is film as their underlying language, their root or their point
of convergence. What is more, many artists of varying backgrounds
(visual, theater/performance, and music alike) have made use of film
in order to reach a wider audience. Film is, after all, a mass medium.

This is why Amsterdam Film Experience intends to focus on 'cinematic
experiences' (to quote Peter Greenaway), because we believe that
cutting-edge cinematic experience is the common ground for a new media
artist and advertising creative alike. We want to showcase short films
by artists who often do not get the chance to present their work to a
broader audience and create a venue that includes filmmakers,
audio-visual artists, VJs, webdesigners, television producers,
advertising creatives, musicians, as well as performance artists; and
everyone else who seeks to be stimulated and agitated by film.

what is the program going to be like?

some of our categories are:

- Sound & Vision
- Guerrilla Techniques
- New Directions
- Narrative - Time - Space Continuum
- Crossover Animation
- Buzz, Clicks & Visual Chaos

more info at


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