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Friday, June 16, 2006

Paris Cinema Machinima Anthology and dealine reminders

Xavier Lardy writes: and Paris Cinema are proud to announce that the Paris Cinema film festival will hosts a one hour and half machinima screening
called "Anthology of Machinima", monday 10th of July, ten o'clock, at L'Arlequin movie theater, 76 rue de Rennes, Paris 6.

This screening is part of the " Versus : Cinema & Video Game " program, and is detailed here :

We also have made a little parodic machinima ad for the screening, using Doom 3. It's now subtitled and you may find it either in
windowsmedia or realmedia.

be reminded of the dealines for the Siggraph Machinima screening on July 1st and the Bitfilm festival on July 15th.