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Saturday, October 21, 2006

more Machinima nominations announced

The animatu festival just announced its shortlist for its mid-november event...
The Days After
Direction: Andre Pesch

Un Unfair War
Direction: Thuyen Nguyen

Direction: Claus-Dieter Schulz

Unbreak my Heart
Direction: Shakti Pherwani


Also, the Holland Aimation festival's 7-day Machinima filmfest (in cooperation with Google) announced their shortlist to be viewed here.

The movie that gets the most views will win, so go view your favorite now!

And before people forget, there's also the Gameshadow innovation in games award, that you can vote for here.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Moviestom - a machinima toolkit

from the moviestorm website: "Have you ever dreamt of making movies? Do you dream of being a screenwriter, a director, an actor or something else movie related?

If so, this is your chance to begin, to be part of something big. Amazingly easy and fun to use, Moviestorm brings Hollywood style hits within everyone's reach."

From the makers of "No License" - go now to find out more.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Machinima Filmfestival Award nominations announced

"After a grueling screening process, which was spent scrutinizing an exceptionally strong field of entries, the 2006 Mackie nominations have been selected.

We want to thank all of you who entered this year's competition. It was an extremely tough process and only a matter of fractions in some of the entry scoring--further proving that talent not only exists in the Machinima community, but thrives. It's no doubt that Machinima is quickly becoming the showcase for a next generation of artists."

go check them out at the nominees page!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google buys YouTube for 1.6 Billion

Saturday, October 07, 2006

News at seven automated newsreader

snapped form engadget:
"The completely virtual news show automatically gleans news from the web, supplements the info with blogger commentary and mixes in related images and video. It then uses a text-to-speech system and a lovable virtual newscaster to generate a video of the news with the Half-Life 2 engine. The three minute show is surprisingly entertaining and informative, even though it's in its early stages of development, and the show developers at the Northwestern University Infolab are hoping to develop the system into a full-blown evening news show replacement, which can be customized to the viewer's interests."

Go read more here...