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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bitfilm festival deadline extended

the Bitfilm team writes:


The 7th International Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film has extendeditsdeadline to July 15, 2006.
All selected films can be watched online between August and October 2006 at
The Internet community will decide on the winners of the Bitfilm Awardswitha prize money of 10 000 Euros.
The live part of the festival in Hamburg's nightlife district St. Pauli will return to its traditional date in early November (Nov 1-4).

Find more information and submit your film at

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Quotes from the blogosphere

"Is there life for MMOG design beyond elf-babe fantasy games?" from Mike Sellers on TerraNova.

"The audience's lack of control over a story is the crucial part of what makes narrative narrative. "by Clive Thompson on Collision Detection.

"Been too busy to post, but would like to share a few links:", by Andrew Stern on the GTxA blog who basically pointed me to the two above.
I couldn't find beter words...

Friday, May 12, 2006

e3 part Two

Some more impression and some more machinimaesque information from the E3 showfloor.
I had the chance to briefly speak to the lead artist for Crysis (pictures in the previous posting and on the game's website) and to my surprise he was welll aware of the term machinima. He couldn't tell me whether or not the tools for the game will be released anytime soon, but he told me that they're going for a timeline based system where you can keyframe objects and properties, similar to after effects.
"You can do everything!". Is it like Sandbox? "Better!".

Second, i had the cahnce to take a look at the new Neverwinter Nights 2 character and Level editors.

The editor had a huge list of objects that you could place.
Compared to some other next-generation stuff that's being shown, the visuals weren't necessarily mind-blowing but i'm sure the depth of the gameplay and ease of modification will help to make this game worth the wait.

Following up on the "cohesion" topic of yesterday, one of the more impressive things i've seen here is a self-running slow motion demo of the next Tony Hawk's skateboarding game. Not necessarily graphics-wise, but the fluidity of movement, the collision model and physics were just plain awesome.
There wasn't much to be seen except for a couple of skateboard tricks and boarders trying to shift their weight. But stil...

Machinimag at E3

I arrived yesterday with a cold and a headache at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in L.A.
Here's some first impressions - through the machinima filter - and facts that might be of interest.

Battlefield 2142 will include the same Battlerecorder functionality that Battlefield2 already has. Unfortunately, that means there's no rewind function whatsoever. According to one of the guys on the floor, they tried to implement it, but the data structure of the network protocol doesn't allow rewind. Sorry folks. But i'll see if i can suggest placemarks if i catch him tomorrow.
Here's some shaky-photo-eyecandy of people playing BF2142...

Another very interesting project, graphically and given the last-generation tools were pretty astounding, is Crytek's new game "Crysis".
The whole "Cry" thing seems to have a ring to their ears. I'll try to catch a representative today and see if i can get some more machinima-related details from him. In the meantime, watch and drool...

A couple of interesting things concerning Crysis: It seems the very cinematic feeling Motion Blur Effect is on at all times, making every turn look a bit too blurry. Though there might be ways of changing that. Just thought i'd mention it.

And for the World of Warcraft fans, here's a picture of the new Allianca race in action:

Among other interesting tidbits:
The playable PS3 titles were less impressive than expected and it seems that with all the graphical buzz going on, the aspect of creating a cohesive experience, where animation, colision detection and graphics quality are on a constant level seems to be the new challenge.
While some of the demos had faces covered in sweat and shader glory all over the place, the animation quality was very "game-like" and didn't quite fit in the new found photorealism.
Oh, and the word "user created content" can be heard all over the floor, from both on- and offline media people.
Just so you know.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bitfilm Festival Machinima Competition

strapped from the Bitfilm website:

The MACHINIMA category is open for films of all genres that were shot live in a virtual environment like a computer game. There is no limit in length or size. We accept free artistic works as well as music videos or commercials. Submission deadline is June 1, 2006.

The winner film will receive a prize money of 1500 Euros and a Bitfilm Robot. The Award Show will take place on September 7 in Hamburg, Germany.

Please submit your film by uploading a digital video file.
We recommend Quicktime, size 320 x 240 pixels, video codec H.264, with a file size of about 8 MB per film minute, streaming mode. We also accept other formats like Windows Media or Real.

Only video files that work well technically and can easily be viewed online will be selected for the competition. If you need technical help, please contact our encoding partner Visukom.

We do not accept films sent in by conventional mail.

This is due to our new voting process: the Internet community will decide about the Bitfilm Awards by a public voting process between June and September 2006. Only the films with the highest number of Internet votes will be shown at our live events.

Animatu animation festival

Marco Taylor writes:

Animatu 06 digital animation festival is going to occur from November 15 to 19 at Pax Julia Municipal Theatre of Beja (PORTUGAL) and the objective is to show and reward the best works made in this area.
Competition categories:
2D shorts (including flash and all vector-based animations)
3D CGI shorts
Animation for Mobile Phones

More information website.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Winner of the fmx/06 realtime festival mahcinima category

And the winner is:

Am Ende der Distanz
David Riedel, Germany, 2005, 6:08min
A physiological thriller that shows what should never happen after a broken relationship.

Shot in "the Movies" from Lionhead. Go watch it here.

Congratulations to the winner!

(reported directly from Stuttgart, thanks cd!)