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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

MSUC Grand Finals winners announced
the MakeSomethingUnrealContest is finally over. Go and see ALL the movies that placed in the grand finals at the official site.
Thanks go to epic games for running a great contest that has led to the production of several top notch machinima pieces including "bot" and "sparked memory".
Be sure to check out the reviews of most contestants of the last two phases in issues 5 and 4.

Congratulations to everyone who placed. Let's hope we'll see more high quality machinima throughout the year!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

sorry people, but it is plain impossible to get the magazine printed for a reasonable price - at least here in Linz.
Maybe things change once i'm back at university.
Right now though, i have to admit that there is not going to be a printed issue for machinimag.
I'm terribly sorry and i'm trying to keep my announcements to a minimum from now on.
My apologies.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

IssueTwo redesigned
Go grab your readable copy of machinimagTwo!

Unfortunately, i still don't have any details on the price of the printed Issue. You will have to wait for next week. The comparison chart is near completion though.
Machinimag Six is to be released at the beginning of march. Until then, this site will keep you updated on crucial events and developments.
Also, be sure to check the newsfeed links for complete machinima news coverage!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Issue05 is out
in Germany, we have a saying that means something like "whatever you expect to happen, it'll always work out differently".
This is very true for the fifth issue of machinimag.
Things really didn't work that well on this issue, leaving only three topics in this very small release. I decided to publish it nevertheless to keep you from waiting any longer. The promised engine comparison sheet is in the works and will be published as soon as i feel it is of any use to you machinima people out there.
That said, Issue two redesign is currently underway and i'm trying to get my paypal account and a price estimate on the full-color printed copies online until the end of the week.
Besides, Issue05 has a facing-pages layout. You might want to keep that in mind when reading it...
Despite all the trouble and limited content, i hope you still get something out of this Issue.